Regular Lawn Mowing

Regular Lawn Mowing Saves Water

Grass Cutter Lawn Mower

When your lawns are mowed at the right frequency and height compared to how fast they are growing at the time, you help to reduce the build up of thatch and allow more sunlight to reach the leaves for more efficient photosynthesis and more water reaches the grass roots.  Put simply, this means that more of your lawn’s energy is invested in making more green leaves. Your turf will look better and thicken fast.  By mowing lawns correctly, you get rid of many weedy flowers and seeds that would otherwise drop into the lawn leaf foliage and make more weeds.

Lawns Love To Be Mowed

Lawns love being mowed at the right frequency, it keeps them strong and healthy. A regularly mowed lawn is healthier and definitely looks much better all year round.

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